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If you want to know more about Rademaker or discover in details their scope of supply, this article is the one !

I am Ronan Le Bourhis, founder of Hopi consulting. This series of articles is my wish to promote suppliers I like to share projects with, keeping in mind my goal to work on independence and with impartiality.

First, I would like to thank Patrick DAUWE and Marc VAN ROOIJEN for their help to write this article.

Thanks again for your time and partnership.



Founded in 1977 in the Netherlands, Rademaker was one of the first companies to specialize in the development and supply of production solutions for the bakery industry. Today, Rademaker is one of the front runners in the bakery industry, with global presence all over the world and a service that goes well beyond the delivery and installation of bakery production lines alone. 



The Rademaker scope of supply are dough processing machines. Rademaker is an expert in stress-free dough sheeting. One of the major goals for Rademaker is to develop the products their customers demand and translate these into a dedicated production line.

The Rademaker portfolio contains a wide range of dough processing machines. The flexible Bread line is designed to produce a wide range of breads. The Rademaker Flatbread production line is able to produce a wide variety of flatbreads to topped pizzas. Croissant production lines and Pastry production lines were among the very first Rademaker bakery production lines. Rademaker also offers production solutions for pie and quiche products with their Pie line.




I asked Rademaker to focus on their latest innovations, here they are : 

Box Motion Cutter

The Box Motion Cutter (BMC) is Rademaker’s versatile cutting unit for bread. The unit is designed to flexible cut a wide range of products such as soft pre-proofed bread baguettes, omega baguettes, squares, triangles, etc. Flexibility is realized by the different cutting possibilities. The BMC can also cut in a travelling motion. It is even possible to combine traveling motion cutting with seal time.

A push-cutting movement with the cutting knife on the belt transfer is also possible, especially when the products need to be perfectly aligned for the handing process that follows after the dough shaping process.

An extra added value of the Box Motion Cutter is the easy tool changeover. One person can remove the cutting tools from the side of the machine. 

Single and Multi-lane weighing

Rademaker developed their patented Weight Control systems. The weight of the passing dough is measured in-line while being transported over the weighing roller. The final product weight is perfectly achieved by using the measured data to control the guillotine for the exact cutting position and corresponding product length. This results in a sheeting production line with equal or better weight accuracy levels compared to the traditional bread producing systems. 

Moulding conveyor

A moulding table is used to produce rolled bread types like baguettes. The Rademaker moulding conveyor contains a single operator control allowing fast, fool-proof adjustment of the moulding table in height and moulding degree to ensure fast changeover and product flexibility. The unique design also facilitates a faster cleaning, maintenance and changeover with accessibility to the moulder from both sides.


To conclude, I had many opportunities to share projects with Rademaker in the past. It was always a pleasure to spend time and energy with them because Rademaker is an extremely professional company, has a great customer focus and always keep the product as a key target.

If you want to discover more, visit the website of Rademaker.

This article has been written by Ronan Le Bourhis, founder of Hopi consulting, engineering dedicated the baking industry. Discover more articles in Hopi consulting blog.


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