Focus on action, team working and efficiency discipline

Create direct communication for an easy understanding

Build mutual confidence between each other

Ronan Le Bourhis, founder

I have been working for 20 years in the baking industry.

In 2002, I began working as a plant manager in a baking flour mill factory for the leader in France and one of company called GRANDS MOULINS DE PARIS, one of the biggest European Groups in milling and baking business activities. Then, I was a production manager for 11 production facility lines, 200 operators and staff managers for DELIFRANCE, one of the European leaders in the bread and puff pastries market.

In 2010, I decided to start a new career as an engineering project manager. I worked for the Canadian company SNC LAVALLIN, in order to obtain high level experience in construction and project management. An opportunity also to work for clients in the Middle East and North America.

And from 2012 to 2019, I worked as an industrial development director at group level in the industry branch of INTERMARCHE, one of the biggest French supermarket chain . My job consisted of coordinating industrial strategy and managing industrial investments of several million euros per year in a scope of 11 factories.

Efficiency discipline

But which goal do we have to focus on ?

There are many signals for future success or failures of a project. Eventually they have a strong leveraging impact on 2, and only 2 scopes : costs and human relationship. Any other outcomes are always related, at the end, to these two ones.

The discipline to always keep in mind is that success is accomplished through cost achievements and human accomplishments

Boldness and questioning

Boldness is a quality especially when the decision is comprised of arguments and when potential risks are identified.

The concept is not to question simply to question or to contradict for no reason but to ensure that every avenue is explored to drive new solutions.

And to guarantee the fact that what is established is certain and legitimate.

 It is four-feet, eight-and-a-half inches. Do you know why?

Because the first English railroad founder smartly kept the same space of the horse-drawn carriage wheels to reuse them for wagons.

But still, why did all carriages have the same distance between their wheels?

Because roads in England had ruts made by the Romans in ancient times that carriage wheels needed to accommodate.

“We’ve always done it that way…”

Demand translation and understanding

The conversion of a need of a client into a commercial solution  is most of the time unclear and imprecise.  The goal is not to blame of each other, not at all, but to make everyone understand the major impact of this step in the process.

Therefore, the key point is to optimize the definition of the needs, to take into account future developments, to focus on each basic input data… and as a result, the understanding of the need will be unquestionably clear, global and reliable.

A guaranteed methodic approach to obtain an irreproachable need definition.

Dedicated answers

The word “engineering” doesn’t really make sense today because it’s often used anytime and in any context.

However, this word has very strong meanings such as inventiveness, creativity and supply of solutions.

In the view of Hopi consulting, engineering imposes obligations to guarantee a tailored answer and an unfailing support to solve your issues.

These are Hopi consulting values.