Environment protection

Hopi consulting is committed to protecting the environment

Trying to reduce our environmental footprint is now an everyday fact of life and a key issue at home and at work.

Hopi-consulting has the deep conviction In fact, new opportunities are turning up, they make us find out new behavior standards and new ways of thinking in our daily life.

Therefore, Hopi-consulting is committed to protecting the environment through the continuous improvement of services and industrial solutions


To make its customers participate in the global environment protection momentum, Hopi-consulting adds to each invoice issued an extra contribution for the benefit of the World Wildlife Fund. And through green solidarity.

Hopi-consulting is committed to make the same amount of contribution as yours

Hopi-consulting has made the choice of an all-digital strategy and is committed to reducing paper printing and using recycled and recyclable paper when printing is required.

A goal to find the best strategy to be the more efficient about environmental issues


Baking industries have serious energy recovery deposits. Ovens, steam chimneys, calories recovery,  and refrigeration unit heat recuperation for example are major ways to reduce our environmental footprint


Energy savings strategy impose new technical choices, this is sometimes disturbing. However in a long-term perspective they make sense.

New construction standards such as thermal and sound insulation or natural light and ventilation optimization are winning strategies and virtuous for our planet.