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First of all, thanks to Eric TELLIER and Lex VAN HOUTEN for their support for this article, and for hosting us last year in their headquarters in the Netherlands. It’s always a pleasure to visit bakery industry equipment suppliers. This  is a great opportunity to see demonstration equipment or equipment in the process of assembly. If you want to understand technical details regarding bakery machinery, the best way is to be onsite and move around equipment, this is so much effective than watching videos.

Valentin and I were warmly welcomed and discovered rich and great technical solutions during this journey !




AMF Bakery Systems is part of the Markel Food Group, a division of Markel Corporation, composed of 17,400 employees worldwide, listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

AMF Bakery Systems is one of the major global players in the bakery industry equipment market. Its scope of actions is nice to introduce because it provides technical solutions ranging from small-scale local players to large-scale industrial. In addition, the company covers a wide range of bakery products composed of bread, viennoiserie, and pastry.

AMF offers a wide range of solutions, from kneading to packaging, focusing on 5 product segments:

AMF Bakery Systems can answer specific demands as well as dosing, injection, filling, targeted product seeding, spraying…



AMF Bakery Systems is the name of the global group, and AMF is the well-known brand for turn key lines for buns and soft sandwich bread. In addition, the company has several other brands, covering many technical solutions and many bakery products.


Integrated into AMF, the Dutch company Tromp Group proposes continuous lines to produce bread, viennoiseries, and pastries using dough extrusion and rolling technology, with decoration, topping, or filling modules.



Den Boer is a Dutch manufacturer and designer of tunnel ovens (available in electric, gas, or hybrid power), conveyor belt ovens, and automated systems for in-line product fermentation (as well as various solutions for product conveying).


Flex encompasses a set of extrusion division solutions for the production of sandwich loaves, buns, and rounded loaves.


Vesta & Bake Tech offer continuous baking and proofing solutions, spiral coolers and freezers with magnetically conveyed supports.


AMF Fusion offers horizontal kneading and dough transfer solutions in buns production lines.


AMF Convay offers solutions for transporting and transferring products (dough pieces, products), as well as baking supports, packaged products, baskets (stacked or not), boxes, pallets, etc.


Packtech offers packaging solutions consisting of packaging machines as well as ancillary equipment such as slicers.


Workhorse provides robotics and automation solutions to reduce manual labor operations. For example all baking support handling or shipping crate/bin operations. This includes robotic palletizing operatins at the end of the packaging line.


AMF Bakery Systems offers solutions from dough kneading to packaging output.

  • Kneading and transferring the dough
  • Pre-fermentation solutions
  • Automated tank management systems
  • Dough dividing
  • Rounding
  • Laminating
  • Pressing system
  • Moulding
  • Depositing system
  • Sheeting
  • Intermediate resting of the dough pieces
  • Continuous Proofing
  • Continuous Baking
  • Cooling at the end of baking
  • Freezing
  • Conveying solutions
  • Product slicing
  • Placed in bags or boxes
  • Loading Products
  • Basket handling
  • Basket washing
  • Palletizing solutions


Hydrogen-powered tunnel oven

The Multibake VITA is a hydrogen-powered tunnel oven developed by AMF Den Boer.

With zero CO2 emissions and a reduced carbon footprint, this tunnel oven offers a sustainable development solution in the bakery industry.

Sustainable Oven Service

The Sustainable Oven Service is a new data-based service allowing industrialists to manage and reduce gas consumption, heat loss, productivity, etc.

It provides intelligent, real-time information on energy consumption, heat distribution, and more.


AMF Bakery Systems also provides its customers with its Innovation Center for ingredient or recipe testing to validate project feasibility or develop new products.


The aim of this article was to introduce AMF Bakery Systems  company and its solutions sized either for small local players or bakery market key players

AMF group is one of the major actors in the business of the bakery industry equipment suppliers. For all these reasons, it was obvious to set in this blog a big zoom in the company. We spent time with the team in the Netherlands, a good way to understand that everyone has an effective role even if the company is vast ! It was also very nice to feel that our two companies are both sharing same values and concepts : business dedictated to the bakery industry, solutions for local and top players, target of tailor-made solutions, proximity, and a sense of service…


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interested in this article?

Receive our monthly newsletter dedicated to the world of baking industry …

We will never send Spam nor share your email with third parties… promised!